Doggie Day Care - The largest outdoor day care centre for dogs in the Northwest

At Doggie Day care we specialise in the exercise and mental stimulation of your dogs whilst you are out at work.
Doggie Day Care provides a safe environment where dogs can form and interact as part of a pack. For young dogs this is essential education and the benefits of simply socialising with other dogs are invaluable. Your dog will learn how to interact with other dogs and become a social dog.

Doggie Daycare also helps dogs with lots of energy by giving them an outlet to release all of the pent up energy they have inside them so that when they go home they are tired and relaxed

Some breeds of dogs are prone to putting on weight, as we know from our own two Labradors who swear blindly everyday that they have never been fed. The exercise gained by spending the day at Doggie Daycare will help in shedding unwanted pounds and increase the fitness levels of these dogs.

The Day Care facility is a large area of enclosed grass land where the dogs can run and play freely in a secure environment.

Day Care has been designed to give environmental enrichment, with several different types of surfaces to keep dogs mentally stimulated. There is a swimming pool for them to play in, a sand pit, a trampoline and a Doggie Playground. The dogs are constantly stimulated and supervised with a variety of games and exercises

After morning exercise the dogs have a rest period in the Doggie Den, where food can be given if necessary or medicines as directed by the owners.
After a period of rest dogs return to the day care facility for more fun and exercise.

At the end of the day, dogs are towel dried and enjoy another rest spell in the Doggie Den to await collection.

Opening Hours

We accept dogs during to following hours:
Monday               7:30 - 18:00
Tuesday              7:30 - 18:00
Wednesday          7:30 - 18:00
Thursday             7:30 - 18:00
Friday                  7:30 - 18:00
Weekends may be availiable on request.



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