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Doggie Day Care
The Day Care Centre provides an ideal environment for the physical and mental stimulation of the dogs who come.
Day Care has been designed to give environmental enrichment, with several different types of surfaces to keep dogs mentally stimulated. There is a swimming pool for them to play in, a sand pit and a Doggie Playground. The dogs are constantly stimulated and supervised with a variety of games and exercises.
One thing we are fairly certain of, once your dog has come to the Day Care they will go home tired and will want to come back.
Daily routine.
09:00 -12:00   Dogs are brought out and the fun begins. the dogs play with balls (tennis, football and rugby), they also have access to a 16ft swimming pool in the summer months, there is also a trampoline and an agility course for them to play with.
12:00 - 13:00             The dogs are taking in for a well earned rest (or they would never stop running).
!3:00 - 16:00              More fun and excercise, only not quite as intensive as the morning session.

16:00  - Close            Dogs are taken in for a well earned rest and await collection.

Collection and Drop Off
We offer a collection and delivery service (subject to availability and location) for your dog so you don't even have to bring them yourselves.
We cover areas such as Wilmslow, Altrincham, Sale, Chorlton, West Didsbury. Please Call for more information.
Collection times       
Between 07:45 - 10:30
Drop Off
Between 15:00 - 17:00
Dog Walking
Whilst we no longer directly offer a Dog Walking service we are able to provide a service whereby we can collect your dog in the morning take them to the Day Care for an hour or two and then return them at lunchtime. We found that the dogs got far more exercise spending time in the Day Care with a large group of dogs than just taking them for a walk. There is always someone to play with.
Home Boarding
Since the birth of our son Jack we know longer offer Home Boarding. We do however have a relationship with a local kennels (Dukes Kennels in Urmston). The arrangement enables us to collect your dog in the morning from the kennels and bring them to the Day Care Facility for the day to give them exercise and stimulation before returning them to the kennels for a well deserved sleep in the afternoon.
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