Jo Jones and Snoop and Busta 

Having had my two beautiful dogs Snoop & Busta at Doggie Daycare for the past 2 1/2 years, I cannot recommend them highly enough, from the moment the van arrives at the house they run to find Mike or one of the other fantastic team without even saying goodbye!...

It is an amazing and fun place for dogs and they have become obedient, loving and great with other dogs since going, and always come home shattered !
I have to say even when we were stuck in the Ash cloud overseas for 3 weeks, Sara and Mike looked after them without hesitation and nothing is ever too much trouble.
Anyone thinking of using Doggie Day Care, go and have a look at how fantastic it is, and how friendly and caring the team are, your dogs will love it as much as Sara, Mike and the team do...well done wouldnt take my two anywhere else !!!
Jo Jones

Holly Hamm - Coad with Bailey

Love, Love, LOVE Doggie Day Care! Bailey has so much fun and I love to see the dogs all out and about when I come to pick him up. They are all so gorgeous and have such a great time.

Lynne and John Coakley with Mischa.
Our 2 year old Springer Spaniel, Mischa, goes to Doggie Day Care 2 days a week. The facilities are brilliant, with lots of open space and activities to keep the dogs busy all day. Mischa clearly loves going there and when I pick her up, she has her tea then sleeps for the whole evening. Sara and Mike have become good friends over... the last year and Mischa loves them both. We know that they really are dog lovers, as they have 5 dogs of their own. I'm sure if she could speak, Mischa would ask to go there every day. 

                                                        I would certainly recommend them to any dog owners.
Mal and Molly
Sara has just brought molly back home from boot camp as I[jokingly]call it, she has only been home for 5 minutes and in that time she has eaten, drank and is now fast asleep, and most probably for the next 3 or four hrs. Molly has been going to day care for about a year now and what a marked difference in her. I must admit like many or most dog owners I fed her to much
of the wrong food so she was a bit ?? shall we say on the tubby side. But not now she has slimmed down, but not just the excerise Sara asked me what I fed her and was redirected as to what she should be fed. I am so glad I did as she is now so active and so much healthier and last but not least happier.

As it was doggie day could not have come to us at a godsend time as in this yr I have had 3 spinal operations so exercising ie walking was not on my agender  and still isnt so she has two days a week there. I thought of people who walk dogs for a fee and the difference in price was very little really
but the value molly gets is invaluable.
Brilliant service!!!
Ruth with Reiss and Hektor
Sara and her team have been invaluable in looking after and more importantly, tiring out our doggies, Reiss and Hektor.

Reiss has been going to Daycare for 3 years now and absolutely loves it. Being a rescue dog, he can be anxious if left on his own too long, so Mike and Sara have been a god-send. Reiss knows the sound of ...the van coming down the road to pick him up and gets so excited to be going out to play. Hektor is only 18months old but has been going along with Reiss, from as soon as he was old enough, which was great for his socialisation skills.

Mike and Sara provide an excellent, competitively priced service and provide the peace of mind that the boys are being very well looked after. There is no denying that they are true dog lovers.

Thank you guys and gals,

Ruth, Carolyn, Reiss and Hektor xx